07/03/2018 - Artist Nicole Hahne leaves her mark on the interior at The ASH with her artwork made from bull skulls.

In the South of the USA, people are very familiar with the sight of a bull skull on the wall. There, the bleached skull is traditionally considered a wall decoration, not entirely unlike the deer antlers in Germany. But if the antlers are considered a trophy, the cattle skull expresses above all respect for the magnificent animal that feeds you and whose breeding shapes the landscape.

Artist Nicole Hahne continues this tradition, but she combines traditional respect with contemporary expression and thus transforms old appreciation into new design objects. With her elaborately processed original skulls, Hahne always makes the "soul" visible - and not just the "horns". Each of her objects thereby follow a different inspiration; the next piece always responds to a new creative impulse. Thus, each bull skull becomes a unique specimen. Nicole Hahne works with very different materials such as gold, leather, silver, and gemstones, thereby preserving a surprising diversity.

So, the next time you visit THE ASH, you should pay a little more attention to the bull skull on the wall. After all, it's a one-of-a-kind piece that can only be found there, making the interior at THE ASH quite unique.

You can find out more about “Horns & Soul” on the artist’s website.