We provide you with various reporting channels for submitting your report of possible compliance violations.

A) Submission via the online portal
We provide you with a web-based whistleblower system for submitting your report of possible violations of laws or guidelines within KSH 2 Systemgastronomie GmbH. Reports within the system can also be made anonymously. Our whistleblower system is available to all employees as well as our customers, suppliers and other third parties.

The notification is made via the following link:

Please note the following instructions when using the above link:

1. copy the link into the address field of your browser and confirm the entry.
2. after you have confirmed the link, you will be guided through the necessary steps for submitting your report!
Please always use your PRIVATE e-mail address when submitting your report.

We expressly point out that the use of your company e-mail address offers the possibility that the sending and receipt of e-mails can be traced at least via the following data (details of e-mail sender, e-mail recipient, date of the e-mail, subject of the e-mail). We therefore strongly recommend that you use your private e-mail address. If this is not possible, please contact our service provider using another method of reporting (see B) and C))

The content of every incoming report will be carefully checked and evaluated by the ombudsman's office commissioned by us (sicdata Unternehmensberatung, Solingen) - if necessary with the involvement of responsible persons from our company.

B) E-mail, telephone and postal notification

You can also contact our external service provider directly:
sicdata - Management Consulting
Heiligenstock 34c
42697 Solingen
E-mail: hinweisgeberschutz@sicdata.de
Phone: +49 212 73 87 24-0.

C) Personal notification
It is also possible to make a personal report at the offices of sicdata - Unternehmensberatung. They can be handed in during their opening hours (Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 16:00) at the offices in Solingen-Ohligs. To ensure that a contact person is on site during your visit, we recommend that you register your visit by calling the above telephone number.

Data protection
How we handle your data in connection with reports under the Whistleblower Protection Act can be found in our information in accordance with Art. 13 GDPR, which you can access here.