In our restaurants, we would like to take you on a journey to the America of the 20's / 30's, the time of prohibition. In this time, people had to fight with a lot of restrictions, alcohol consumption was considered as frowned upon and thus people were also supposed to be protected from "negative influences". This meant an extreme conflict regarding people's freedom and personal rights.

So, people met secretly in backyard clubs and indulged in the pleasant things of life in secret - good food and cool drinks in a boisterous mood.

The SUPPER CLUB was born.

Our The ASH restaurant & bar concept represents exactly this idea. Because we want to stand out as not being a "normal" restaurant. We want it to be more about you, celebrate meals with you and your loved ones, turning it into an experience for you, where the focus is on enjoyment, but most importantly, on having a good time.

You can expect a cozy restaurant with an impressive bar and an incomparable atmosphere that invites you to linger. In addition to the ambiance and the service, the drinks, and meals we serve are of utmost importance. Besides quality, we also pay attention to sustainability in our culinary selections. Many products and ingredients are sourced from Germany, and we also make sure that our partners adhere to the highest standards. A concept that you will not only see, but also taste.

Wishing you a great time and looking forward to being your hosts.

Enjoy Fine Dining with Supper Club Feeling - in your The ASH - Restaurant & Bar!