03/23/2021 - Due to current events and in order to contain the Corona virus, The ASH restaurant chain, which operates in nine German cities, has decided to temporarily close all of its restaurants. Restaurant operations are to be resumed as soon as the social and political situation, as well as the sense of responsibility towards guests, allows.

With this decision, the company not only wants to protect its own employees or meet the current general expectations, but above all make a very conscious and active contribution to ensure that the spread of the virus is slowed down. Therefore, on Friday, March 20, all the establishments of the trendy branded restaurant chain have closed their doors. For Kent Hahne, founder and CEO of The ASH, there was absolutely no alternative to this decision: "As much as we love to spoil our guests in our restaurants and show them a great time, we want all these people to stay home now, avoid socializing and stay healthy. That's the only way we can all succeed together, albeit separately, in defeating this invisible enemy." That's exactly why Hahne, his general manager Anja Schreck and the restaurant managers have decided to completely forgo popular replacement revenue streams, such as the carry-out business or delivery activities. "We don't want to risk guests bumping into each other while picking up food and endangering or infecting each other through avoidable contact with cash. No revenue is so important that it justifies health risks of any kind," says Kent Hahne, explaining his uncomfortable decision.

When The ASH will reopen its restaurants is not yet certain and will depend not only on the course of the epidemic in Germany or political decisions. A key criterion for this will be the personal assessment and sense of responsibility of the management. "Only when we can be really certain that restaurant operations are possible again with absolutely no danger to neither guests nor our employees, will we open the doors." The restaurant teams in Aachen, Bochum, Dortmund, Dusseldorf, Essen, Frankfurt, Cologne, Oberhausen, and Troisdorf are already looking forward to this moment. "Every employee really does miss the guests -not only the laughter and enthusiasm, but also the energy that each of our restaurants exudes." The reopening will be all the more emotional - with perfectly prepared dishes, outstanding service, a palpable passion for hosting, and an atmosphere that makes every restaurant visit to The ASH a memorable experience.