17.02.23 The restaurant chain The ASH Restaurant & Bar, the successful concept of the Apeiron Restaurant & Retail Management GmbH, launches Mexican Specials menu in all its restaurants.

Viva la Mexico is now the name of the game in the eleven restaurants of the successful concept The ASH Restaurant & Bar by brand restaurateur Kent Hahne. On the Specials map the guests find starting from 15 February typically Mexican courts and drink, like Tacos, Quesadillas and Margaritas. Kent Hahne explains "With our small Mexican addition we would like to start our "Specials series" 2023. Our aim here is to always have new, small surprises in store for guests. But of course, our proper menu will remain as well." In total, there will be four specials menus with different themes over the course of the year, which will complement the original food and beverage menu. Which exactly those are, that does not betray the success caterer from Bonn however. "There I would not like to anticipate too much yet. But there will be perhaps also the one or other special with it, with which one does not expect with us necessarily" The Mexican Specials will be available until the end of April in the The ASH restaurants and range in price between 5 and 13 euro.

The ASH Restaurant & Bar is part of the Apeiron Restaurant & Retail Management GmbH. Its founder, Kent Hahne, currently operates 11 restaurants within the restaurant concept "The ASH". He is also the owner of the salad concept "GREENKARMA" with 4 restaurants as well as the brewery restaurant concept "Starnberger Alm". With currently 24 restaurants of the L'Osteria brand, he is also the largest franchise partner of the popular brand restaurant concept.