Munich, 04.01.2023 - The restaurant chain The ASH Restaurant & Bar, the successful concept of Apeiron Restaurant & Retail Management GmbH, is expanding its menu with several new products - including new vegan dishes.

The successful concept The ASH Restaurant & Bar is expanding its menu at the start of the year. This also includes some new vegan and vegetarian products.

"The turn of the year is always the perfect time to take another look at the menu and see what might still be missing. We've done that again this time," says well-known brand restaurateur Kent Hahne, who is at the helm of the company. "Among other things, we came to the conclusion that we would like to expand our range of vegan and vegetarian dishes once again. For example, we were still missing a vegan fish alternative on the menu."

The plant-based category was therefore expanded to include vegan tuna in the form of Plant Based Tuna Tatar and Vegan Tuna Tataki.

"The number of people looking for vegetarian or vegan alternatives is growing all the time. It is important to us that every guest finds delicious dishes that suit them. That's why a balanced mix is important to us. In addition to vegan fish, we already have vegan burger patties, vegan flank steak and minced meat and chicken in our portfolio. But with the bruschetta, the wakame salad and our hummus, we have also added three meat-free appetizers to our portfolio. Even our brioche bun for the burgers is now vegan and tastes fantastic
," says Hahne.

The new products are now available in all restaurants of the brand gastronomy concept.

The ASH Restaurant & Bar is part of Apeiron Restaurant & Retail Management GmbH. Its founder, Kent Hahne, operates 13 restaurants under "The ASH" restaurant concept. He is also the owner of the "Starnberger Alm" brewery-restaurant concept and, with currently 25 L'Osteria brand restaurants, is the largest franchise partner of the popular brand gastronomy concept.