Munich, 25.10.2023 - The restaurant chain The ASH Restaurant & Bar, the successful concept of Apeiron Restaurant & Retail Management GmbH, opens its restaurant on Leopoldstraße in Munich.

The successful concept The ASH Restaurant & Bar opens its first restaurant in the Bavarian capital. Location is the prestigious Leopoldstr. 9.

"What lasts long becomes good. After a long and extensive renovation, we are very happy that we can finally open our first restaurant in the south of Germany. A The ASH in Munich has been my wish for a long time. This is a very prestigious location for our brand" says the well-known brand restaurateur Kent Hahne, who is at the helm of the company.

The restaurant seats a total of 90 guests indoors. The terrace has a large outdoor bar. Here, another 145 guests can be served in an area of around 300 square meters.

Guests can expect a balanced mix of high-quality steakcuts, lobster, seafood, vegetarian and vegan dishes, such as a vegan steak from the 3D printer. In addition, breakfast will be available from 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. with a variety of pancake options, sandwiches, bowls and more.

However, Kenny Hahne and his team do not only want to convince with drinks and food. "The fact that we offer excellent food and good drinks is of course very important, but we see that as our duty to our guests. The free skate consists of creating a special ambience that inspires the guests and makes them visit us again and again. In addition to the beautiful interior, our open kitchen, the impressive outdoor bar, which we would like to play as much as possible throughout the year, but above all, of course, the staff - our "ASHbees" help us to achieve this."

Opening night is Wednesday, Oct. 25 at 11:30 a.m.

The ASH Restaurant & Bar is part of Apeiron Restaurant & Retail Management GmbH. Its founder Kent Hahne operates with the opening of the Munich location, now 13 restaurants of the restaurant concept "The ASH". He is also the owner of the brewery-restaurant concept "Starnberger Alm" and, with currently 25 restaurants of the L'Osteria brand, the largest franchise partner of the popular brand gastronomy concept.