07/24/2018 - Andrea Micel, grill master at The ASH Troisdorf, proves to be a big fan of our Argentinian delicacy. His recommendation: Argentine beef tenderloin from the grill. Learn more about our product and how our griller master Andrea prepares it every day in this short interview.

Why Argentine beef tenderloin in particular?

Because our meat from Argentina is so tasty. Tender, juicy and full of flavor - an explosion in the mouth.

What level of cooking do you recommend and what does the preparation look like?

It is delivered fresh from our supplier, then checked again at our premises and finally portioned. Kept at room temperature, it is best prepared on a grill, with olive oil, a little salt. For me it must be grilled medium.

What side dish do you recommend?

The perfect side dish is our steak house French Fries. Our homemade herb butter (secret recipe) goes wonderfully with the meat topped off with our pepper sauce.