06/22/2022 - Apeiron Restaurant & Retail Management GmbH, owner of The ASH and Starnberger Alm restaurant chain, among others, is increasingly focusing on regionality and sustainability.

Apeiron, under the leadership of Kent Hahne, who is one of Germany's most successful branded restaurateurs, is focusing on the issue of sustainability and regionality, particularly with regard to its own concepts "The ASH" and "Starnberger Alm". "This naturally poses a certain challenge financially, but particularly with an eye towards the future, it is essential to rely more and more on regional products," says Hahne. For example, the eleven The ASH restaurants all sustainably source their burger buns from a regional bakery and the beef patties and sauces are also produced in Germany. "In addition to the sustainability factor, this also has an additional advantage for us. Because this allows us to have a much more intensive influence on the production chain. Our buns, beef patties and sauces are in fact produced according to our own recipe - without additives and flavor enhancers. That's very important to us," says the successful restaurateur.

This motto also applies to his latest restaurant concept, the "Starnberger Alm", which opened at the beginning of the year at Cologne's Heumarkt. "From Maultasche to Weißwurst, Country Butcher Setzer produces all of our products according to our recipe using regional raw ingredients." In addition, the Wirth Country Bakery produces its own alpine bread and pretzel loops following an alpine recipe. This path has been taken quite consciously and will continue to receive increased attention in the future when composing the menu. Sustainability has also played a significant role regarding carry-out for a long time now. For example, the use of plastic has been completely eliminated.

Apeiron Restaurant & Retail Management GmbH currently operates 11 restaurants under the restaurant concept The ASH Restaurant & Bar and its brewery-restaurant concept “Starnberger Alm”. In addition, Kent Hahne is the largest franchise partner of the popular brand restaurant concept with currently 24 restaurants of the L'Osteria brand and a majority shareholder of the GREENKARMA salad concept.