08/27/2019 - Profile enhancement for the successful continuation of the expansion course.

About three years ago, The ASH opened its first locations in Cologne and Troisdorf near Bonn. In the meantime, eight restaurants on the Rhine and the Ruhr have been established with a staff of now 500.

In November, the opening in Frankfurt marks the next step in the national roll-out. This is the right time to take stock and fine-tune the concept. Because at The ASH, the signs continue to point to further expansion.

Highlighting exclusivity: American Grill & Bar

What thrills guests at The ASH are not just the steaks, burgers, creative appetizers, and bountiful salad selections. It's the unique combination of casual fine dining and entertainment, authentic American and international cuisine, and cocktails at the bar that make all the difference. The organic merging of these quality experiences sets The ASH apart from conventional steakhouses, as well as from the ordinary parallel existence of club and restaurant.

This exclusive The ASH experience was not sufficiently considered by the previous brand addition "American Steak House". In its place, the descriptive slogan "American Grill & Bar" now supports the positioning of the brand.

Opening Frankfurt: after the Ruhr and the Rhine, now also on the Main

In November, the next and so far, largest inner-city The ASH will open in Frankfurt's Marienforum. The restaurant on the Main will communicate the new brand trademark and, with its spacious outdoor dining area and two indoor bars, represents the new flagship of the concept. The existing The ASH restaurants in Aachen, Bochum, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Essen, Cologne, Oberhausen, and Troisdorf will gradually follow suit by adapting their brand trademark.

About The ASH

"The ASH - American Grill & Bar" is a brand of the Apeiron Restaurant & Retail Management GmbH under the leadership of founder and CEO Kent S. Hahne. Combining fine casual dining with bar and club elements, The ASH concept takes the idea of the 1920s American Supper Club and adapts it to modern times. Following a pilot launch in Cologne, the first so-called Free Stander celebrated its debut in Troisdorf near Bonn in 2016. With The ASH restaurant which opened in Dortmund in May, the group now has eight restaurants, followed by the opening of The ASH Frankfurt in November 2019. For 2020, four new The ASH restaurants are in advanced planning stages at locations in Düsseldorf, Cologne, Bremen, and Stuttgart.