06/29/2018 - The American Steakhouse concept grows and thrives.

Simply going out to eat is yesterday's news. Today, going to a restaurant is almost equivalent to going to a bar or club. All the better if you can have it all at once. Inspired by the idea of the Supper Clubs of the 1920s, an atmosphere is created that invites you to feel good about everything and to relax. Enhanced by The ASH interior's signature handcrafted bull horns, extensive bar areas invite guests to enjoy an aperitif, an after-dinner cocktail or simply a drink in passing. Paired with a snack at the bar, guests are immersed in a feel-good atmosphere.

That's how Kent Hahne, founder and managing director of The ASH, sees it, too: "We offer more than great steaks and good drinks. That's the idea of the American Supper Club from the 1920s, that's what gives The ASH its special atmosphere. Guests should feel at home with us and well taken care of - like in their own living room."

Whether it's the 1,100 g dry-aged tomahawk steak, juicy burger variations made from premium beef, or even the fresh tuna steak or a crisp salad - in culinary terms, every guest is catered to without exception. Depending on the location, The ASH restaurants offer space for up to 300 guests, creating a unique living atmosphere in each of the locations. This atmosphere is also represented by the down-to-the-last- detail service. Everyone involved embraces the idea of the concept as well as the special service concept of The ASH and strives to make every visit extra special for every guest. The service volume also speaks for itself. Depending on the location, between 60 and 120 employees, the so-called "ASHbees," take care of their guests.

The popular approval of the guests has resulted in the endeavor to constantly expand the concept, to carefully cultivate it and to maintain the high-quality promise as well as the special atmosphere and hospitality at a renowned high level. This credo is not only followed in the previous locations Troisdorf-Spich, Oberhausen, Dusseldorf, and Cologne. In future locations, The ASH-enthusiast will also be cared for in terms of both atmosphere and culinary delights. Restaurants will follow in Essen (end of August), Bochum (end of September) and Aachen (end of October). The Aachen location is a particular highlight: impressive Free Standers for both, The ASH and a L'Osteria will be built vis-à-vis each other on a large plot of land.

And future plans for the rest of the country are not at a standstill either - on the contrary!