9/08/2018 - That special something in ketchup is now available at The ASH. The Curtice Brothers ketchup from Tuscany.

At this year's Great Taste Awards, one of our partners went home with a particularly big smile. Two stares were awarded to the Curtice Brothers' ketchup. This ketchup, made from organically grown tomatoes, clearly stands out from other ketchups on the market thanks to its low sugar and salt content in the average comparison to other ketchup brands- this also impressed the jury experts.

Made in Tuscany, vegan and without gluten or lactose - Curtice Brothers has truly earned the credo "This is the Taste of Ketchup." You can also find Curtice Brothers ketchup at The ASH. Available directly with your lunch order, if desired, or to take home in a convenient piccolo bottle.

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