11/23/2018 - Opening event of the unprecedented Free Stander project kicks off with a Bang.

Great events cast their shadow ahead! The major gastronomic project in Aachen was in no way inferior to this well-known wisdom. The construction project was completed punctually on November 22 and was duly celebrated with 1,600 invited guests as the official start of guest operations was inaugurated.

If you think back about 5 ½ months, bulldozers were still driving over the approx. 7,200m2 large site at the Gut-Dämme-Str. Piece by piece, the unmistakable outlines of The ASH and L'Osteria Free Stander, which were built vis a vis each other, could already be imagined. Exactly on schedule, Aachen is now enriched by a new gastronomic highlight. As of now, The ASH alone can seat 250 guests, if necessary, who can indulge in the unique Supper Club feeling. Juicy steaks, refined main courses, paired with a sizzling bar atmosphere - The ASH considers itself "The One and Only Supper Club in Town". The two Free Standers face each other in a large space, bringing to life a lavish area with a piazza, fountains, and numerous parking spaces.

The Highlight is the Experience

Particular specials and seasonal offerings complete the menu. Of particular mention are the wonderful lunch specials, which any business professional having lunch, or any The ASH fan can enjoy from Mon-Sat until 5:00 PM each day. Evening highlights include the impressive 8 m high bar, which comes to life in the evening. This is complimented by the 2 for 1 cocktail Happy Hour in the bar area from Monday to Thursday between 5:00 and 7:00 PM. On Fridays and Saturdays, this offer applies between 10:00 PM and midnight. In addition, a live DJ will provide the best atmosphere on Fridays and Saturdays from 9:00 PM onwards. True to our motto: Celebrate the good times...because The ASH is more than just a restaurant - The ASH is "The Social Place to be".

Brand-Name Gastronomy as an Economic Factor

A large-scale brand gastronomy project like this also has a certain economic impact on the region. At The ASH alone, between 80 and 100 employees which are subject to social insurance contributions will be working in the kitchen, service, and bar areas to ensure that their guests are perfectly looked after. The ASH depends on its employees, the so-called "ASHbees". Because only with great employees like at The ASH, the special spark of the concept can be transferred to the guests and the overall atmosphere.

A lot has also been done in terms of investment. A net annual turnover of 4 million euros is the target. This claim is also preceded by a total investment - for The ASH project alone - of approx. 6 million euros. In total, the Apeiron restaurant & retail management GmbH, the parent company of both restaurants, is investing around 12 million Euros in the location on the Gut-Dämme-Strasse.

Looking towards the Future

With the Aachen location, The ASH concludes a successful and exciting 2018, but the momentum has already been set for 2019. More The ASH projects in Dortmund, Frankfurt & Bremen are to follow.

About The ASH

The ASH is a brand of the Apeiron GmbH from Bonn. The fine casual dining concept celebrated its premiere in 2015 with The ASH in downtown Cologne. In 2016, the first Free Stander will follow in Troisdorf. The concept echoes the idea of the American Supper Club of the 1920s and combines original American cuisine centered around steak and burgers with a unique bar atmosphere.

With the opening of the Free Stander in Aachen in November 2018, the concept now has seven locations throughout North Rhine-Westphalia. Further new openings are planned for 2019.