Real American Beef


There are clear guidelines for the quality of meat - both in the form of standards and voluntary commitments on the part of producers. It is precisely these farmers who are responsible for the rearing and keeping of the cattle.

The animals spend most of their lives on the vast pastures, feeding exclusively on grasses and herbs. In addition, the use of antibiotics and hormones is completely avoided. Creekstone Farms' Black Angus cattle are all born and raised with local farmers in the region. The animals are specially selected for the rearing farms. As a result, each Black Angus cattle has a certificate of origin. Being raised on pure pasture with healthy, all-vegetable feed is of great importance for the animals' development. Animal welfare plays a major role and thus all farmers meet the specified standards.

At about 15 months of age, Black Angus cattle are moved to large free-range barns where they are fed additional corn, grain, and minerals. The combination of plenty of exercise on the pasture and the fattening period of between 150 and 200 days ensure the special tenderness, the unique grain, and the slightly sweet taste of the meat.

The following steak cuts at The ASH are made from original US Beef:

  • US Tri-Trip Steak
  • US Terres Major Steak
  • US Flank Steak
  • US Chuck-Eye-Roll Steak
  • US T-Bone Steak
  • US Porterhouse Steak


Location: Kansas
Seal of Quality:
USDA certified, EU standard, hand selected Black Angus Cattle.
Special features:
Raised outdoors, supplemental feeding of corn and grain.