100 percent Irish



Ireland's geographic location and climatic conditions provide the ideal conditions for livestock production. Mild climate and frequent rainfall allow for evergreen pastures. Slaughter and production operations use resources responsibly and efficiently.

The John Stone company from Ireland has been the specialist in dry aging around the world since more than 50 years. Dry Aged Beef is meat refined by dry aging - with a buttery, nutty flavor.

Dry aging is a costly endeavor as various factors such as temperature control, relative humidity and air circulation must be controlled and perfectly balanced.

A mild climate, lush pastures and the experience of John Stone Dry Aged Beef helps the meat achieve a unique flavor and the distinction of being a world class product. The Irish producer uses 100% exclusively cattle that have no added growth or appetite stimulating hormones. The reason for this is not only for moral, ethical, and quality reasons, but also the increased risk to the health of the animals. For this reason, each individual animal receives its own animal passport and undergoes the most stringent health checks.

Regional uncontaminated fodder as well as the grass feeding of the cattle guarantee not only an unmistakable taste, but also a high level of health for the animals.