100 percent Argentina


Argentina is a place that cattle love. The country has the vastness and unique grasslands needed for optimal and natural rearing in herds.

In the middle of Argentina lies the heart of cattle breeding, with the provinces of San Luis, Córdoba, La Pampa, and Santa Fe. The lush grasslands on which the cattle graze is the guarantee for the completely natural nutrition of the cattle. In herds they move across the country pastures and as the well-informed steak lover knows, therein lies the secret of the exceptional quality.

Two breeds of cattle dominate the scene in Argentina: Angus and Herford are the recognized best breeds when it comes to steak meat. Walking over the pastures is beneficial for the formation of the muscle meat and that unique marbling. The natural diet, which includes wild herbs and various grasses, gives the meat that special flavor. But the selected producers do not only take care of the breeding with special devotion. The cattle are also rounded up and slaughtered without causing the animals any stress or suffering.

A complete recording of all production steps guarantees transparency and contributes decisively to the excellent quality on the grill.